In short

I’m a photographer

A bit longer

With me, you can get things photographed that exist and sometimes even things that don’t exist (yet). You can get exclusive photos that make your products appear in the best possible way. You can also get simple packshots of items that just need to be recorded and displayed in an overview, and where the economy and recognition are the most critical issues.

You can also have your portrait taken. If you’re in a hurry, and just want to get on, I can do it quickly. If you would like to spend some extra time and be able to more than recognise yourself, maybe have the portrait support your message, I will use all the time it takes until you are satisfied and pleased with the expression.

If you have a building project that needs some finishing, or a prototype that’s not entirely as it should be. But due to a tight deadline you need a picture now, then I can fix that with digital image editing.

I can make food photography and architectural photography. I work in Copenhagen and Bristol, Jutland and Scotland. I work for private and corporate clients. High up, in a studio, outside or just about anywhere it makes sense to solve your assignment.

Digital photographer and analogue communicator

I have worked as a photographer since 1985 and as a freelancer since 2003. In that period I have done a lot of jobs for a lot of exciting clients. Each time with great respect for the creative process and the client’s communication needs.

To ensure that the photographs not only are excellent but meet your requirements, communication is essential before we start each project. I spend all the time needed to understand your needs and your gut feelings. It saves time and makes the process a lot more fun. You can always get a non-binding quote, or just a talk and a cup of coffee.

Did I mention that I love art photography? Check out some of my projects on