If you can choose between two similar products on the internet and only one is depicted, which one will you choose? Alternatively, if you need a new supplier, and of all the suggestions you have found, only one of them has an appealing portrait, which one will you contact?

Yes, it’s right, isn’t it? Facts prove that pictures improve the impact, and good imagery will get you ahead of your competition. Do as my other clients; call me and get a quote from a professional photographer.

If you need inspiration, hit the links below and see some of the solutions I have made for my other customers.

It’s a matter of chemistry

Even though I photograph and edit digitally, professional photography is a matter of good chemistry. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a precise briefing. Maybe you know how you want it but can’t find the words. 

After thirty years in business, I have good experience translating gut feelings into real pictures. It’s not sure that I will do what you ask me to, but I will always give you the best solution. So to do that, I spend all the time necessary to understand your needs. It’s merely a question of good chemistry.

I’m a photographer

With me, you can get things photographed that exist and sometimes even things that does not exist (yet). You can get exclusive photos that make your products shine and appear most beautifully. You can also get simple packshots of topics that just need to be recorded and displayed in an overview, and where economy and recognition are the most critical issues.

You can also have your portrait made. If you’re in a hurry and want to get on, I can do it quickly. If you would like to spend some more time and be able to more than just recognise yourself, maybe have the portrait support your message, I will use all the time it takes until you are satisfied, and you are pleased with the expression.


…is not one of my primary competences, however, I’m crazy about it (preferably black and strong). Also, it’s such a good prerequisite for a chat. I’ll buy the first one when we have a conversation about your next project where you need a professional photographer in Denmark or anywhere else for that sake. Call me on +45 2239 4349 or use the contact form below to get in touch