Portrait photography

A good portrait is more important than you think. Whether it’s “just” to show what the people in the call centre look like or it’s a cover page article in the Wall Street Journal. The portrait says more than the words associated with it. So how does one signal professionalism if the profile portrait is a blurry iPhone selfie?

We can photograph at your premises.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you need all your employees portrayed, I can come to you. That way, you save a lot of transport, and it’s merged into a regular workday. And the pictures get a harmonious look when put next to each other.

If you need a portrait showing more than just your looks, I spend the time required to convey your message. It may be a press release or an illustration where the image supports the message you want to push forward. The possibilities are many; look at the examples below.

Regarding portrait photography, it can be a great advantage with image editing. For instance, copying heads from one image to another in large group images can be necessary to make everybody look good. Or if you get an irritating cold sore on the day the photo shoot is happening, it’s good to know that photoshop can do a”quick healing”

If you wish, I can send a link to a web gallery with all the images for you to choose the portrait you like the best. If you prefer, you can let me make the selection. It’s all up to you.