Product photography

Product photography covers many things. Anything from packshots that register the subject, so it presents itself efficiently and vigorously on a website, to advanced photography where the image beside introducing the product also tells a story. Many times it may be the extra effort that makes the product stand out and determine whether it will be a sale or the customer just clicks on.

Advanced image editing…

combined with product photography can also be a considerable saving for the marketing budget. I photograph many prototypes that are not entirely perfect yet, but tight production plans require images before a better prototype is ready. That makes the workflow faster without getting more expensive, on the contrary.

The possibilities are many, and the sky is no limit.

Test photoshoot

Often, it’s enough to register products, so they present themselves as neutral as possible. However, sometimes you need a little extra, the front page of a catalogue for instance, where a unique atmosphere is necessary. It can, however, be quite challenging to imagine how it will look.

Therefore I offer to make a test photo shoot, where I push the effect slider a little. It doesn’t have to be fancy and flying. Sometimes a different background or creative lighting can make a big difference.