Architectural photography

Patience is a virtue, especially when working with architectural photography. It’s easy to take a picture of a house, but if all elements are to interact so that the building gets the correct expression, it is often necessary to wait. The angle of the sun, the balance between daylight and artificial light and many other factors that will not be stressed are essential for the right shot. Sometimes you have to do it several times, but then the result will be worthwhile.

I am very excited about architectural photography — both when I’m shooting beautiful buildings that almost comes into the camera by themselves. But also the architecture of a more modest character. Often the biggest surprises can be found in the most ordinary constructions. High rise buildings from the seventies are not constructions many connect with great architectural beauty. But if you look close enough, there are many interesting pictures to be found. You just have to look for it.

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Like in many other instances digital post-processing can be of great convenience in architectural photography. I photographed some of the images on this site before the construction work had finished.

Often an irritating dent or an incomplete installation ruined the impression. Or if the view through the window was too dominating, Photoshop quickly fixed that. Here is an example where a kitchen has been post-processed to look better.