Professional photography…

… is an essential way to obtain attention. A lot can be done to get ahead of the competition in web search results, but if the impression fades due to dull imagery, you lose everything.

I have solved photographic tasks for many exciting companies, amongst others several of Denmark’s leading design brands. It is not enough to have a good product if no one knows it. A good portrait can also be what makes the customer choose you rather than your competitors.

When I involve in a job, I will always start with your needs and spend time finding the best solution for you. We just have to talk first, so why not call me and make an appointment. Coffee is on me.

Click on the pictures below and see how I have helped other customers.

It’s a matter of chemistry

Even though I photograph and edit digitally, professional photography is a matter of good chemistry. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a precise briefing. Maybe you have a sense of how you want it but can’t find the words.

After thirty years in business, I have a good experience in translating gut feelings into real pictures. It’s not sure that I do what you ask me to, but I will always give you the best solution. So to do that, I spend all the time necessary to understand your needs. It’s merely a question of good chemistry.